We want everyone to be healthy and feel good.  Here are some of our members' stories: Jade Kenyon IMG_0117 Kelly Nicolas & Dalton Murray IMG_20141111_202926 "Many of you didn't know us before we started going to the gym, its been a long road but just wanted to finally share my and Dalton's transformation pics over the last two and a half years. With a little dedication and hard work anything is possible. Thank you CrossFit 417 and all the friends who have pushed us farther than we could have ever pushed ourselves." -Kelly Nicolas (24th at the 2014 North Central Regional as an Individual). Marriana Nelson 10313564_727633693942053_6311631127130479585_n   Matt Morrison   I started Crossfit on 10/3/11 with the intent on simply losing some weight for an upcoming vacation so I didn’t have to have to look through another photo album full of fat pool pics. I knew very little about CF and hadn’t seen the games on TV either. I basically knew it was varied workouts in a class setting and liked the concept as I wasn’t big on traditional globo gym workouts. The first few weeks were pretty brutal but I scaled the workouts and tried to make sure that I got a grasp of the lifting forms. I was doing jumping pull-ups and couldn’t dream of doing a hand-stand push up. After those first few evil weeks I was amazed at how my body started to respond. Jumping pull-ups slowly turned into kips and box push ups eventually turned in to big boy HSPU’s. Since that time, I have lost around 30 pounds and have completely turned around my body structure. My old jeans look like MC Hammer pants as I have dropped 4 pant sizes. The best part is I finally feel like I have found a fitness solution that I can stick with. The combination of weight training and cardio work is the best combination for me and with some modifications to my pathetic diet the results have been great. I would recommend CF to just about anyone. Jared and Andrea do a fantastic job and you don’t have to RX every workout to get great results. Just focus on form first, and the weight will eventually come. -Matt Morrison 6am WOD’er Parker Jackson " I love Cross Fit 417 and definitely a believer in the crossfit concept. All the trainers at the gym--Matt, John, Andrea, Jared-- knew me on a first name basis and were always willing to help. It was never too crowded and the atmosphere was perfect--intense, yet accommodating to all levels of experience. I would recommend this gym to an elite, college-level athlete, or an out of shape person who hasn't been to a gym in 10 years. I could on for days, but the results and gym speak for itself. Thanks for everything." -Parker T.

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