Oct 09


CrossFit 417 - Endurance

Warm-up G (No Measure)

Warm Up G
100m Forward Run
100m Backward Walk
80' Bear Crawl
20 Hollow Rocks
5 x 2 Pushup + 4 Alt Toe Taps
6 x 1 Toe 2 Ring every 5 sec
20 x Scap Pushups
10 x Band Peels
12 x Double DB or KB Deadlift
10 x each SA KB Hang Power Snatch
10 x Crossover Lunge
10 x Inline Lunge + Hamstring Stretch

Accumulate time in a squat while coach goes over workout.

Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

3 Rounds
Every 4min
30/25 Cal Row
20 Wall balls 20/15

2min rest

3 Rounds
Every 3min
20/15 cal bike
10 Burpee box Overs 20"

2min rest

3 Rounds
Every 2min
200m run
5 Power Snatches @65% of max

(ON THE 3RD ROUND FOR EACH SET HIT A MAX NUMBER) Ex: 3rd round of wall balls = 40 reps/ 3rd round of burpee box overs = 25 reps/ 3rd round of power snatches = 12 reps

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