Jun 12

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

CrossFit 417 - CrossFit

Warm Up D (No Measure)

3 x 20y Fwd/bwd run
3 x Down back side shuffle
1 Min KB squat hold
5 x each Full Squat thoracic reach
10 x Situp + reach past toes nerve floss
1min Double oh DB hold
320' Double KB front rack walk
12 x Double KB front rack squat
12 x Double KB strict press

Back Squat (4 x 1 x 95% 2:30 rest)

Metcon (Time)

Conditioning 30-20-10:
Front squat 155/105*
KB Swings 70/55*
*Every time you break, perform 8 burpees

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