Jun 12

SkinnyFit 6.13.17

CrossFit 417 - SkinnyFit


400 m jog
400 m row
Lunge stretch X 10
Inch worm w/ 2 pushups X 5
10 KB Swings (light weight)
10 Burpees


8 cycles (4 mins)
Every 30 secs perform:
5 hollow rocks
5 suitcase situps
5 Vups
5 straddle ups

Metcon (Time)

Partner WOD:
Partner A: 400m run
Partner B: hold slam ball overhead
Partner A: 20 push press 65lbs
Partner B: wall sit
PA: 5 wall walks
PB: hold plank with 15lbs
1 mile run together

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