Aug 06

Friday, August 7, 2015

Warm Up 10min Elite Arm circles Push-ups KB arm bar In line lunge + band 2x5x30s rest complex 1 Strength 8 min each Snatch 1-1-1 C&J 1-1-1 Conditioning 22min cap 500m row 10 Snatch 135/95 20 C2B 10 P Snatch 135/95 40 Pull-ups 10 Clean 185/125 20 Bar Mu 10 Power Clean 185/125 500m row Notice Childcare is a FREE service we provide for our members. However, please do not take advantage of this service. The following guidelines should be adhered to at all times: 1. Childcare is available for 1 hour. Pick your child up directly after class - not 5 minutes late. Our childcare workers have schedules to adhere to outside the gym and are not able to stay later than their scheduled shift. It also creates a huge problem when the children from the next class arrive. 2. Clean up after your kids. If they get toys out or make a mess with food, clean it up, just like you would at home. 3. Kids are not allowed to run around the gym EVER. Heavy weights can create a disaster for a child. 4. Childcare workers are not allowed to change diapers. Since we are not a state mandated childcare facility, we must restrict workers from changing diapers. This is our rule, not the childcare workers rule.

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