Aug 14

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The purpose of today’s WOD is to raise funds for the 200 care packages CrossFit Springfield will be sending to our troops stationed overseas.You Can pledge the 10 cent/rep amount for yourself and do today’s WOD! More details about ways you can help are available HERE

Warm Up

10 Minutes: Row 400m Then, warm up to your working barbell load for today’s WOD…


15 Minutes – Perform for Max Repetitions – while you do the WOD have a partner count your reps, then switch: 3 min amrap of: 15 air squats 3 power cleans 115/85 1 min rest 3 min amrap: 10 HRPU 3 snatch 115/85 1 min rest 3 min amrap: 5 burpees 3 push jerk 115/85 1 min rest 3 min amrap: 15 double unders 3 squat cleans 115/85 GunsNHoses Competition is this Saturday! Come out to CFS at 12pm and cheer on our local service members as they throwdown for The Wounded Warrior Project. Also, 2 of our very own will be out there beasting it: Tony Cauchi and Lee Morris! beforedurongafter

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