Dec 30

New Year = New Classes

The following classes will be added to the schedule for 2013: Fridays, 5am Group WOD, beginning January 18 Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am Group WOD, beginning January 15 COMPETITORS WOD: Saturdays, 11am.  This will be a chance for elite athletes to compete against each other with a challenging WOD.  This is designed for those who are interested in competing at the Regional level. ADVANCED INSTRUCTION: Mondays, 7pm.  This is a class designed for the experienced crossfitter.  We will be covering the Olympic, Power lifts and other advanced movements in more depth.  This class will be taught by Jared Stevens and Matt Higley and runs from January 14- February 25.  This is limited to 10 people and costs $210 for the 7 week session. BEACH-BODY SUNDAYS: This will be an open gym offered on Sundays at 2pm, beginning January 6. BEGINNERS CLASS BOOTCAMP: Jump start the New Year with this beginners bootcamp on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30pm and Saturdays at 10am!  This runs January 15-February 23.  This is designed to teach you the CrossFit movements, allows you to get to know other new members and gives you a great workout.  We will also cover nutrition and other important elements of being a successful crossfitter.  The 18 class bootcamp costs $200 per person and includes unlimited Group WODs during January and February.  

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