Oct 31

Thursday, November 1, 2012

WOD: "Angie" 100 Pullups 100 Pushups (90degrees) 100 Sit-ups (can put feet under something) 100 Air squats   HOA Athletes should only do airdyne, row, run, and do mobility!


  1. John Henderson

    good luck to all the athletes this weekend!…if you’ve competed in Crossfit before then you probably know what to expect. if not, just trust in Jared’s programming and know that you will all do awesome! Most importantly, have fun cuz this is going to be a blast. Can’t wait to represent the 417 YO!!!

    P.S. Preston, please don’t embarrass me this weekend.

  2. Zach

    Hahaha! Thanks John! Looking forward to my first real comp! Excited n nervous at the same time! Here goes nothing!!! And I’m more worried about embarrassing myself!!! Ha! Good luck to all 417’ers!!!

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