Sep 26

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Strength: 8x2 Front Squat + 8x2 Pullups WOD: 7 rounds 7 C2B Pullups 7 Front Squats 165/115


  1. Matt

    I don’t get why the guys scaled the WOD in the video just to get their times down. If you can finish the WOD as RX, why not do so?

    West coast guys are sissies.

    1. Zach

      Matt- I “think” that we sometimes scale a workout like this to get the met-con portion… For us at 417, the strength part should come from our front squat 8×2 & our 8×2 pull ups. The conditioning component (wod) should be hard and fast to work the cardio…? I could maaaaayybe do 165# but it would take 45 minutes to complete the wod. It would becone another strength workout and not a fast paced burner. So ill obviously drop weight to keep up my intensity. And your question was probably rhetorical wasnt it??? Hahaha! Sorry!

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