Sep 23

Monday, September 24, 2012

WOD: "Crossfit Total" 1RM Back Squat 1RM Deadlift 1RM Strict Press You will have 3 attempts at each lift in order to establish your maximum load.  If the total of your 3 lifts are more than 1,000 for guys or 600 for girls, you can be part of the 1,000lb/600lb club!  Go for it!  These are the numbers we use to follow the Wendler program.  It's important that you find your maxes in these lifts.  If you can't make it Monday, please try to find your maxes at another time (Open Gym or on your own). Look at how far we've come from the 2007 CrossFit Games!  CrossFit Total Highlights: The required WODs for the Nutrition Challenge will be done on Tuesday and Friday of this week.  If you are participating in the challenge, you will want to do those WODs.  If you can't make it those days, you can make it up another time. CrossFit Springfield has held a 5K Gone Bad for the past few years.  If you've ever thought about doing it, now is your chance to practice!  This Saturday, Sept. 29, we will be doing the 5K Gone Bad. See you Saturday!

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