Aug 15

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Skill 5 min. to work on any skill of your choice Conditioning 5 rounds: 400 meter run 25 hand-release pushups 25 situps buy out: 50 toes to bar


  1. Ryan

    Sorry I have been gone for so long. I still follow but have been really busy with grad school, Army career course and group pt, i have only been able to do one or two a week. Hoping to have more time now.

    will post times in a bit.

    1. Ryan

      So I can finally finish the post I started earlier


      Added 5 strict pull ups for each round.

      Time: 22:29

      Felt really slow, but considering I have done a WOD in over two weeks, I will take it and do better next time.

      Then , after a 5min break, did “Grace”

      I personally love this Nasty Girl.

      As RX’d

      Not my fastest time. No excuses. Just need to improve each day and start training now for the Open 2013!

  2. Zach

    Good to hear from you Ryan! And very proud of the nooners today! Great job on pushing thru everyone! Especially one of our newest members, Chad! GETTING STRONGER!!!

    And thanks Mallory for running the show! :)

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