May 27

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Hero WOD "MURPH" 1 mile run 100 pull-ups 200 push-ups 300 squats 1 mile run This workout can be scaled to 1/2 MURPH or 1/4 MURPH depending on your fitness level/ability.  So, come in and do the workout in honor of fallen Navy SEAL Michael Murphy. Click on the picture for more info on Memorial Day Murph. Thank you to all of those who have served our country.  See you at the 9am, 5pm or 6pm class for Memorial Day.


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  1. Kathy m

    Normal class times? 9 am?

  2. Kathy m

    Nevermind!! If I wudda scrolled down a bit I wudda seen see u at 9 am lol!! Not sure if I’ll come to urs or Springfield but I’m doing murph somewhere!!

  3. Zach

    Very proud to have done this Wod today with some great people! As I type, my son and wife are finishing their last run of Murph here at home… Scaled the #’s for my 7 y.o., and subbed sit ups for pull ups, but he wanted to do this memorial day Wod with his mom. Thank you 417 for the inspiration you have given all of your members! Happy memorial day to all who have served!

    1. Katie

      Finished my first ever Hero WOD!!! Not rx’d, but as Griffin said, it made great family time. Only took me 17 minutes longer than Zach. Ha!!!!! Happy Memorial Day and prayers and thanks to all of the families who have given their sons and daughters to protect mine.

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