Mar 06

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Strength: Wendler-Back squat WOD: for time 70 air squats 60 HRPU 50 Toes 2 bar 40 KB Swings 55/35 30 Box jumps 24/20(games standard) 20 Ring rows 10 Barbell OH lunge (each leg) 65/45 8oom run Don't forget to compete in the weekly challenge...score must be confirmed by Sat.


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  1. Katie

    Well…. Did the weekly challenge after tonite’s wod. Couldn’t get the bag on my shoulders, but bear hugged that baby for almost all the 400 m. (carried it on my hip for awhile and did manage to creatively get it on my shoulders for a little bit) Time of 8:09!!!! If I can do it….anyone can……and most of you can beat my time! Accept the challenge! You owe it to yourself and crossfit417 to at least try. Remember: there’s no shame in finishing slowly, Only in being too chicken to try!!!!!

    1. admin

      well said, Katie. Proud of you.

    2. Ryan

      Beautiful! Katie, you just called everyone out. Nicely said.

    3. Matt

      Way to go Katie. Guts!!!!!

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