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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Strength: Wendler-Deadlift/Strict press 5-5-5 /65-75-85% WOD: 3 rounds for time 400 m run 10 HSPU 10 Deadlifts 225/155 Great Job Matt Morrison you are a perfect example of the CrossFit community! Testomonial: I started Crossfit on 10/3/11 with the intent on simply losing some weight for an upcoming vacation so I didn't have to have to look through another photo album full of fat pool pics. I knew very little about CF and hadn't seen the games on TV either. I basically knew it was varied workouts in a class setting and liked the concept as I wasn't big on traditional globo gym workouts. The first few weeks were pretty brutal but I scaled the workouts and tried to make sure that I got a grasp of the lifting forms. I was doing jumping pull-ups and couldn't dream of doing a hand-stand push up. After those first few evil weeks I was amazed at how my body started to respond. Jumping pull-ups slowly turned into kips and box push ups eventually turned in to big boy HSPU's. Since that time, I have lost around 30 pounds and have completely turned around my body structure. My old jeans look like MC Hammer pants as I have dropped 4 pant sizes. The best part is I finally feel like I have found a fitness solution that I can stick with. The combination of weight training and cardio work is the best combination for me and with some modifications to my pathetic diet the results have been great. I would recommend CF to just about anyone. Jared and Andrea do a fantastic job and you don't have to RX every workout to get great results. Just focus on form first, and the weight will eventually come. Matt Morrison 6am WOD'er


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  1. Scott

    Good job Matt!!

  2. Ryan

    That is awesome! I have never met Matt but happy to part of the CF417 family and love hearing these success stories.

  3. john henderson


  4. John Hunt aka Junt

    Matt this is awesome!!! I am so glad you posted this you look good man keep it up. You are one of the reasons why people who say they want results but don’t ever do anything about it have no excuse! Glad you are part of the family. Crossfit 417 STAND UP!!!!!!!!!

  5. Zach

    Congrats matt! What a grey story! Hopefully the rest of us will have similiar stories! Consider 417 STANDING!!! MANIMAL!

  6. Zach

    Haha! *** grey= great! :)

  7. Matt

    Thanks a bunch y’all. Not proud of my old pics at all but thought the pics were a good testament to Jared and Crossfit 417. Hopefully these will help others push themselves to reach their own fitness goals.

  8. Daryl

    So proud of Matt and all the others who put in such hard work to better their lives! Glad to be part of CF417 and to have met such great people.

  9. Matt

    Great job Matt. Can’t thank you enough for recommending Crossfit417 to me!!!!

  10. Tom

    Looking awesome! This is a testament to the Crossfit methodology and what happens when you have a great coach pushing you. Granted Jared can’t do it for us so it also shows your dedication to making a lifestyle change. Great work Matt

  11. Matt D

    Thanks for showing us what good a good program and hard work can accomplish!

  12. Zach

    Great wod today! Sun shining, people smiling, little breeze in your face on the run….:) didn’t rx, (congrats to those that did) but didn’t do to awful bad… I think….:)


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