Feb 19

Monday, Feb. 20, 2012

Strength Wendler Strict Press (75%-5, 85%-3, 95%-1)  WOD 5 rounds, for time: 5 HSPU 7 ring dips 9 pullups 12 KB swings 55/35 15 wallballs 20/14 Congrats to Brittany Mullen and John Hunt for winning the Weekly Challenge with 28 and 33 toes to bar in a row.  Great job! This Weekly Challenge is most DU in 1 min.  Good Luck!   This week marks the beginning of "The Open" sectionals.  To find out the workouts and follow CrossFit 417 athletes, go here.


  1. Scott

    Well I can honestly say I haven’t had that much fun since at least yesterday……no rx as someone who will remain nameless didn’t post c2b pullups on the web page plus I only have a 50# KB and a 25# wallball throwing to 9′. Good workout though 19:40

  2. Scott

    Nice squat by the way Jared!

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