Feb 15

Thursday, Feb. 16, 2012

Warm up: Elite, Complex 1 Strength: Wendler- Back squat 5 x 3 Power clean WOD: 5 rounds 115/75 3 power cleans 6 pushpress 9 lunges 12 back squats

Read the CrossFit Games spotlight about our fearless leader here.


  1. Ryan

    Talk about some great news heading into the Open next week. Congratulation Jared! Well deserved.

    Great WOD today. Was very frustrated when doing the strength part. I just don’t have any form when it comes to Olympic lifts! And strength only gets you so far.

    RX’d the WOD

    Time 9:35

    Cannot wait for this weekend. Zach, please don’t be a no show for my third visit. Would love to introduce you to my wife since you guys are the biggest trash talkers on this blog. Kidding! Seriously, though….

  2. Zach

    Ryan! I’ll be there!!!! Made special plans to show! And way to go on the wod! I felt slow at 16:20 and could only do 85#… but I loved it! Even when on one of the lunges i got down so low i couldnt push back up and jared had to remove the bar from my shoulders!!! Haha! Theyre all things I need to work on! My legs haven’t enjoyed it much since noon though! Ha! Look forward to Saturday Ryan and jasmine! :)

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