Feb 05

Monday, Feb. 6, 2012

Warm-up  Elite, 10 toes to bar, 10 ring rows, 10 pushups Strength Wendler Back Squat-Week 1 7 min. EMOM: 3 weighted strict pullups Conditioning 30-20-10: Back Squat 155/105 Pullups DU x 2  Congrats to Bill Rohlfing (1:29) and Ashley Morrison (1:55) for winning last week's Weekly Challenge.   This week the challenge is:  Most wall balls in 1 minute (men 10' target, women 9' target). Score must be witnessed by Jared, Andrea, John or Daryl to be valid.  Good luck! Now's the time to register for CrossFit Open Sectionals.  This is for everyone.  The workouts will be posted weekly for 5 weeks.  You just need your workout validated by us or you can submit a video.  We are encouraging everyone in our gym to be part of this.  Last year there were over 26,000 participants and this year its expected to be even bigger!  If you do register, make sure you put CrossFit 417 as your affiliate!  You can register here.   CrossFit Open Prizes The largest team worldwide will be rewarded handsomely. On Sunday, February 26, at 5 p.m. PT, the team with the most registered athletes will win tickets to the Games–as many tickets as registered team members–and have their affiliate fee waived for life. The team prizes don’t end there. The team with the most validly registered athletes in their region on Sunday, February 26 at 5 p.m. PT will win tickets to their Regional competition. Each week, one athlete will be selected who represents the CrossFit community for the Spirit of the Open competition. Nominations for athletes with extraordinary stories, locations, or obstacles to competing in the Open, may be sent to support@crossfitgames.com with “Spirit of the Games” as the subject line. The athlete may compete in any division of the competition. The week’s Spirit of the Open award winner will receive $2,012!


  1. Zach

    Yeaaaaaaaa! Wall balls!!!!!!!! -_-

    Of course, why wouldn’t it be wall balls!?!

    Haha! Good luck everyone! :)

  2. Ryan

    Great start to the week.


    Time: 13:17

    Jasmine beat me again. Granted, she did 30 for the squat and assisted pull ups, but crap! She is pushing me to move quicker.

  3. Zach

    Way to go jasmine! Haha!

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