Jan 29

Monday, Jan. 30, 2012

Warm up: Elite, 20 prisoner squats, 20 pushups, 10 pressing snatch balance, 10 situps Strength: Wendler -Deload wk Back Squat Skill: 10 min HS walk, hold, pushup WOD: 4 rounds for time 400m run 50 air squats then 50 sit ups for time Thank you everyone for doing "Grace" in Tanners honor.  We were able to raise money for his continued treatment! This week we will be starting 6weeks of CrossFit 417 challenges.  They will be short painful WODs.  Everyone is invited to do them.  Monday the WOD will be posted members will have until Sat at 10AM to complete them. Must be observed by Jared, Andrea, John Hunt, or Daryl to be valid. WK 1 Challenge 500m row for time


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  1. Jacob

    13:11. Now its gonna warm up, you’re gonna open up doors and Zach is gonna smoke me at noon. Brock was pushing me the whole time. Dude is a stud…

    1. Zach

      Haha! Thanks for the vote of confidence Jacob! Work on Monday’s so no wod for me, besides, that time looked awful hard to beat! Great job on the workout guys! And congrats to Ryan on his muscle ups!!!

  2. Beth

    15:33 beautiful day to run!

  3. Ryan

    What a great WOD!

    time: 16:24

    50 sit ups for time

    I am going to attempt the challenge later this week. My question is that if i video it and send it to Jared or Andrea, will that be acceptable? If not, I will just post my “unofficial” results.

    Did first MU on Saturday and another one today. Tomorrow, I am going to attempt 2 in a row. We will see….

    1. admin

      Ryan, just make sure that you have the rower set to 500m before you start…don’t just do a open row. post time to comments.

  4. Katie

    A message from the not as fit (yet) crossfitter: Finished with a time of 20:41!!! But the real point is that I finished. You guys in the 6pm class cheering me on as you lapped me really kept me going :-). Thanks for the support! Some day I’ll be as good as Zach!!! Ha!! Here’s to shooting for a superhero body in time for Halloween and the ability to do a muscle up by 2013!!!!!

  5. D

    Great job 5-o-clockers! Lungs and legs. Can’t wait to see everyone row their brains out :)

  6. Jasmine

    17:54 This was one of my favorite wods so far.

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