Jan 27

Saturday, Jan. 28, 2012

Benefit WOD: "Grace"  for Tanner Lager event details here We will be collecting donations to assist him and his family. We will be doing the event at our 9am WOD. then Hero WOD: “Jack” 20 min AMRAP 10 pushpress 115/85 10 KB swings 55/35 10 box jumps 24/20  


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  1. Zach

    Wish I could be there for this one! Good luck to everyone on completing Grace and then Jack! Looks like an fantastic workout to start your Saturday off right!

  2. Matt

    I will do it twice in your absence Zach.

  3. Zach

    Awesome Matt! I will be there in spirit, but if my spirit smells it wasn’t me! :)

  4. Ryan

    What a great day! I could not believe how packed it was. The box looks amazing and it was awesome to be back, even if it was just for a day.

    Was able to get a PR on Grace by over a min

    As RX’d 3:29

    Jack was a great follow up to Grace. Glenn really pushed me to keep up with him

    As RX’d

    10 rounds + PP + 9 KB

    Thanks for having me. Maybe next month Zach will be able to join us and I can introduce Jasmine to this amazing group and box.

    1. admin

      Having a Military BA come to our box and jam out is an honor for all of us…thanks for coming Ryan.

  5. Jasmine

    Grace 4:56 with the bar.

    Jack I was able to complete 7 rounds + PP+KB+4 box jumps

    I’m loving the box jumps–it was a great short reprieve from all the arms. The PP is my greatest struggle, but I’m slowly getting the hang of it.

    Really wish I could have visited the box with Ry today. We’re planning on returning for a Saturday next month.

  6. Zach

    Ryan! So sorry I missed you! Let me know what Saturday you two might be back and I’ll try make it! Right now it looks like the 18th is my only Saturday off but maybe my wonderful wife who has also joined my switch with me! Great job everyone! My wife dropped off a couple bucks this morning in Tanner’s honor, said there was no room for anyone else! Sounded wonderful!

  7. Chase Smith


    Thanks to the generousity of yourself and your box, along with local CrossFit affialities, CF Springfield, Dropping Plates, Natural State, CFWP, and CF Strength and Honor, we raised over $6,000 for Tanner and his sister. I am very proud of the community we have built of loving and giving people. We would love to have your 417 family in our box anytime. Thank you and may God bless you everyday!

    Chase @ CrossFit SoMO

    1. admin

      It was awesome hope it helped!

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