Jan 26

Friday, Jan. 27, 2012

Warm up: 3 min DU, bear crawl, 30 s HS hold, 10 jump squats, 10 clap pushups, 20 kb swings. Strength: 5-5-5-5-5 HSPU WOD 1: for time buy in 5 MU then 3 rounds 10 burpees 10 OH lunges 45/25 20 KB swings 55/35 buy out 50 pullupsĀ  rest 3 minĀ then WOD 2: 30 wallballs 20/14 15 toes 2 bar 20 wallballs 20/14 10 toes 2 bar 10 wallballs 20/14 5 toes 2 bar Combine both WODs for time.


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  1. Ryan


  2. zach

    This one’s gonna suck! :)

  3. Zach

    Wow! What a workout today! I always feel a sense of accomplishment after a wod like that. Not during! Congrats to the noon warriors! Way to push! Good job Seth H on the muscle-ups! Monstrous! Thanks Jared for killing us with your time! Sub 15 minutes guys!

    Zach- 22:27 rx

  4. Beth

    Pretty killer – I’m addicted already.
    Great job you guys!

    35:29 With only minor wounds ;)

  5. Ryan

    So,,,,,when I said I can hardly wait, I really meant to say Holy Crap! This is going to hurt.

    All the way through the warm up and skill, I was feeling really good. Then the WOD started. I had to sub for the muscle ups. Did 15 pull ups and 15 ring dips. Went through the 3 rounds rather quickly and then got stuck on the pull ups. Forearms were burning! And then I still had to hold myself up for the toes to bar.

    Time: 34:13.

    Thought that was ok, til I saw what everyone else did. You guys smoked it! Nice job!

    Looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow.

  6. Jasmine

    I introduced cross fit to a friend of mine today–she loved it. The wod(s) were insane! I can tell that I’m improving with the pull ups and burpees. Those kettle bells were going to be the death of me.


    And my friend wants to continue coming with me. :)

  7. Zach

    Terrific! Glad you’re liking it Beth! And Ryan and Jasmine, congrats on that one! What a workout! Awesome that you’ve gotten your friend in on it! Hope it sticks :)

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