Jan 05

Friday, Jan. 6, 2012

Warm-up  5 min. DU, toe touch to squat, OH plate lunges, burpees, gaublet squat + press, KB arm bar, double-legged bridges Skill practice Pistol squats  Conditioning5 rounds for time: 5 bar facing burpees 10 OH plate lunges 45/25 15 Deadline 225/155 20 Sit-ups Extra (if you want it): 50 toes through rings   Great job on CrossFit Total! Don't forget to sign-up for the 8 week Learn to CrossFit Course if you're interested.  The deadline is today at 5pm and the 1st class is this Saturday at 10am.


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  1. Elizabeth Lawyer

    guess im going to have to play catch up! i will do my total saturday if thats ok with you guys……
    Awesome totals everyone!

  2. PoPo

    “I would rather fight someone on Meth than have to do that wod again.”

  3. Ryan

    Crap! Misread the WOD before leaving the house. Did 3 rounds instead of 5 as prescribed. Time-14:13. It was the DL that slowed me down. I did do the onus as well. No time, but did finish.

  4. ???

    We should do the toes through rings!

  5. Zach

    This was a great workout! Good job noon wod warriors for finishing strong!

  6. Zach

    Amen Adam!!!

  7. natalie

    Sara & I did the wod in 18 min what’s the avg?

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